Tx3 Industries's Album: Standard endplate with takedown tool

The kit includes an endplate which has a unique locking station to hold the magnetic takedown assist tool. This patent pending design now gives you the ability to carry a takedown tool on your AR style rifle within the endplate. Our design allows you to have a takedown tool attached to the endplate without impeding your 6 position butt stock. When the butt stock is fully retracted, it’s like our tool is not even there. Not only that, but the TX3 (tool and endplate together) weigh less at .4 oz than the standard metal lower parts kit endplate. The TX3 has been machined out of high quality, light-weight aluminum. It has been tested and proven to remain on your rifle no matter what the circumstances. http://tx3industries.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=29#!prettyPhoto